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What I Wore


First, an update. We have running water again! Hurrah! Sure, we're down $500+ bucks for a new water tank in our pump house... a real blow right before vacation time, but I ask myself, is it worth it to be able to stop living straight out of the pages of Little House on the Prairie?

Yes, yes it is.

No. 1
thrifted Merona dress, Target sandals, belt a gift from Brazil
(I helped another friend pack for a trip and she brought me back this leather beauty!
I was so tickled!)

No. 2 
Maurice's top, jean cut offs, Payless sandals

No. 3 
Ross top, American Eagle jeans, thrifted leather belt, Payless sandals

No. 4 
Maurice's top, jean cut offs, Target sandals

Happy Wednesday!

pleated poppy


  1. I love that Merona dress! Super, super cute belted. :) Also love your curly hair!

  2. Love the Maurice's top in #3 and Yay for the cute belt gift !!.

  3. Love that yellow chevron-ish tank, super cute and looks comfortable!

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  5. Darling! I LOVE how you styled the first dress - just perfect! And the tank is so sunny and fun!