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What I Wore... On Vacation


We just came back from 5 days in Sunriver, Oregon and here's what I wore... when I wasn't in a swimsuit... which turned out to be only 3 days of the 5. Ah well.

No. 1
Old Navy dress, Maurice's shirt, Target sandals

No. 2 
Costco sweater, American Eagle jeans, Ross purse & sandals

No. 3 
Bass tank top, Kohl's skirt, Ross purse, Target sandals

And as for the rest of the time... 
Ross hat, Maurice's sunnies

Is it good to be back? 
Of course not... what a silly question ;)
Happy Wednesday!

pleated poppy


  1. 1&2 very cute pics of you - still one more holiday to look forward to .

  2. I would wear all of these outfits, so cute and comfy-seeming! I definitely I wore an outfit almost identical to outfit #2 in the past few weeks, haha. Glad I found you through the WIWW link-up :)