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Sunriver 2015


Sunriver is a holy, serious place.

Just kidding. Sunriver is awwwwwsome! We came back earlier this week from 5 lovely days in the resort town in Central Oregon with our friends, the Haddens, and I'm just now getting round to blogging about it (and not pouting that I'm no longer there ;)

Over the past 5 years we've stayed in 5 different vacation homes and this year's house was our favorite yet. I think we've finally found the winner! 
{kids get the hot tub during the day, parents get it at night!} 
{fun ski lift swing on the back porch. Cooper, Dylan, Blake, Emily, and Kendall}

Favorite Sunriver activities: 
bike rides
trips to Goodies ice cream parlor
swimming at SHARC
visiting the Village
movies, games, & puzzles
late night talks
hot tubbing

It's safe to say we checked off every item multiple times.  

{Bahaha... creeper alert!} 
{The Hadden Family & the neon squad!}

{Blake's face!!!} 
{Russell's graceful waterslide exit} 
{Blake laughing at Daddy's landing}
{Jana and I rejoicing in our new status of "moms of safe swimmers".... ahhh the freedom!}

So. Another year in the bag. Time away with good friends is just the best and I'm so thankful we're able to go every summer. (I'm also thankful for pot roast sliders from The Village Bar & Grill because I go back for them every year. Mmmm.)


  1. Hi! Would you mind sharing which rental house that was in SR? My family rented one last summer and it was only ok. This house looked way better! Thanks!

    1. Not at all! We found it on and if you search on their website it's listing #438789. The address is 9 Muskrat... short walk or bike ride to both the village and sharc which is super important to us!

    2. Thanks so much! I'm just in Beaverton and I loved your Sunriver and beach trip pics! You look like you have such a fun family!

    3. Oh thank you! We are definitely blessed in the family department :) And you're not too far away from us!