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Scenes from the Beach


We just arrived back yesterday from a 4-night stay at the coast with Russell's whole family. This is an annual trip and for the last several years we've stayed at the same house (The Lakehouse) in Pacific City, but this year we ventured down to Waldport to try out a new place.

The verdict?

{Situated at the tip of a peninsula - we walked out of the house right onto the beach with the ocean on one side and the Alsea river on the other. AWESOME. The house had a fully finished basement and attached apartment out the front with 5 bedrooms total plus a secret sleeping room behind closet doors aaaaand 4 1/2 bathrooms altogether - we were in vacation house heaven!} 

{clamming time} 
{little shrimp!} 

{Ultimate frisbee} 
{Cara & Gary} 

{Movies on the big screen down in the full-size basement}

{one of the THREE 1000 piece puzzles we did} 
{Settlers of Catan NEVER gets old} 
{My amazing in-laws. Teri is wearing a life jacket to go kayaking... just thought I should clarify!} 

{All the cousins - ranging from 18 - 7 years} 

{Walking the Alsea Bay Bridge} 
{low tide... you can see our house way in the background and the bridge behind it 
{dinner outing to Grand Central Pizza}
{and how we ate the rest of the time... basically, make as much as you can and hope for the best! haha} 

Too many pictures? I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. And yes, I am in mourning that we had to leave and didn't do a "What I Wore" post today because of my sadness. 

Okay fine, I didn't do one because I wore sweats or running shorts the whole time I was away. But I'm still sad! And excited already for next year :)