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{My favorite picture of Kendall so far this year... in her element, worshipping Jesus.} 

Kendall turned fourteen yesterday and even though we were busy preparing to leave on vacation, we had a small gathering to celebrate with the family that won't be on vacation with us. I told everyone, "This is a non-party. Think casual, plus extra casual added in." 

It was perfect. 

Kendall, who loves to bake, made vanilla cupcakes from scratch and decorated them herself while I worked in the morning then grocery shopped for dinner and our vacation. They turned out really tasty!

Activities included cornhole (boards made my my brother)...

playing with Kenna, Jay & Christine's new Cane Corso puppy...
And basketball, of course.

After a while we came inside for dessert and presents...
And this is my fave pic of the night: Kendall opening her new ukulele, the ONLY thing she asked for for her birthday.

So easy to please. So happy and full of joy. So helpful, responsible, and trustworthy. 
I love you, Kendall, you are the absolute delight of my heart. 
Happy fourteenth.

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  1. Perfect !. Love the Kendall pics. Couldn't had a better non- party.