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Dear Monday


Dear Monday: Today is our third day without water since our well pump failed. We are currently getting our water from a kind neighbor's hose and pouring buckets in the toilet tanks to flush, and washing dishes BY HAND. So basically, living like the pilgrims. Please let today be the day it gets fixed!

Dear 5th & 6th grade kids camp leaders: Cooper came home from camp yesterday full of stories of fun and adventure, swore he wasn't tired, and then took a 5 1/2 hour nap after we made him lay down anyway. Job well done.

Dear river: Saturday night you were perfect. Please don't go down any lower - we neeeeed you.

Dear Blake: your keen fashion sense is as on-point as ever. Carry on.

Dear nephew Hayden: when you started to cry for your mom last Thursday night while settling into Cooper's bed I was a little worried because you still had 2 more nights to go at Aunty's house... but then I found out you were crying because you didn't wan't to sleep on Cooper's "germs". OH my word, if only you knew how much like your cousin Cooper you are! Good thing we had a sleeping bag fresh out of the washing machine. Germ crisis averted.

Dear Mum: In the week you've been back from your 2.5 month trip, I've managed to come visit or hang out with you exactly 7 times. I must like you or something.

Dear August: we seem to be on track to reaching a new record of 90+ degree days in a summer in Western Oregon EVER. Please calm down. No one likes a show off.

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  1. Great post. That Blakers, he's so photogenic but why the love for size 4 clothing is beyond me ha ha ha .
    P.S. I think you you could easily round up your visiting numbers to 10 ;D