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The Friday Photo Dump


Remembering back to when I had the will to cook healthy and delicious meals for my family. 
(Otherwise known as last week when half my people weren't in Mexico.)

This is what happens when the two biggest eaters in the house are gone for 10 days. I buy frozen pizza and other not-so-healthy-but-easy-to-fix meals because I DON'T WANT TO COOK ON STAYCATION. 

Yes. I decided if Russ and Kendall are in Mexico, me and the boys are vacationing. From chores. 

Which leads to this: s'mores under the broiler in the oven. YES PLEASE. 

Blake attended a local vacation bible school this week, a really super awesome one, and based on the following conversation he had with his 5 year old cousin tonight, I believe he picked up a thing or two about God that he might not have heard before...

Elijah: You're house is noisy.
Blake: It's not the house that's noisy, it's the people IN the house... we are the house... just like we are the church!
Elijah: blank stare.


Minions movie date! Popcorn counts as a meal, right? 

Wednesday night I was blessed to go out with my friend, Cindy, to help her shop for some vacation clothes. Cindy hates clothes shopping and I love it so I went along to help make it easier and more fun for her. I think I succeeded! And she bought me a Dutch Bros. iced coffee so it was a double-win kinda night ;)

Cooper's on a new kick. MAGIC TRICKS. He is all magic, alllll the time. 
This somehow led him to believe he could swipe one of my good drinking glasses and SUPER GLUE the rim for a trick.
 Oh ho ho ho. NO. 
(There may have been a scene.) 

And I'm throwing this one in here because I'm ready for my cute hubby and daughter to come home! 
(I kinda like to stare at it ;)

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