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The 2nd best holiday of the year


Listen. Nothing tops Christmas. But my second favorite holiday to celebrate is the Fourth of July! Ours was HOT and pretty laid back and tons of fun.

We started our holiday weekend on Friday with a double date with our friends Dane and Kristie, paddleboarding 3 miles down the Willamette River.
I'm not saying you should be completely jealous of my awesome paddleboarding skills, but maybe a little jealous. Because I only fell in two times from the wakes of passing ski boats and OTHERS WHO DON'T NEED TO BE MENTIONED fell in quite a few more times than that. Just sayin'. ;)

Kristie is my friend because she understands the importance of the selfie
and brings a plastic ziplock on purpose for her phone ;)

Please note that paddle boarding is my new favorite activity and I would like to go once a week, please. I kept saying over and over, "this is the most fun I've had all year!" It helped that the water was really calm, it was hot out so the water felt really good, and we were in great company! 

That same evening we went to a surprise birthday party for Russ's sister, Cara - thrown at her own house by her husband, Tim! So much fun! She had no idea until a bunch of family and friends started showing up in her living room :)

The morning of the Fourth we watched our small town street parade, as per tradition, then went over to my sister's for brunch afterwards (hopefully a new tradition because QUICHE.)

Well this is new! 

Breakfast á la Kelly

And this is where we spent our afternoon! 
Backyard fun, playing at the river at the back of our property. 



Coop - somersaulting 

We ended the evening by barbecuing with friends, then watching a movie at home with the kids and the rodeo fireworks from our trampoline.

Easy holidays are the best :) Hope you had a great weekend yourself!

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  1. Awesome photos, I had only been able to read the captions before. Love the one of Cara, the parade pics and Blake's brave jump. Great ones of you and Kendall in the river too. It's hard to imagine that Coop was the kid who wouldn't let go of the ladder when he was little- a flip is pretty outstanding .