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My people are in Mexico


Well, two of my people.
Russ and Kendall left last Friday morning as part of a short term mission outreach from our church to build a family a house in Baja California, Mexico. It is both of their first time to Mexico and first mission trip!

We went down in our jammies to send them off...

Hahaha, they did give each other a real hug after this :)

Russ's mom came down to send them off too... I'm not sure exactly what is happening here except, my people are weird. 

The teen girls on the trip - including Kendall's cousin Debby!

The team drove down, sleeping on church floors Friday and Saturday night, and arrived in Mexico on Sunday, where they took this cool team picture at the camp they're staying at with YUGO Ministries. I'm so excited for more updates and to hear more about the family of 6 that will be moving into the house at the end of the week!

And as a kinda cool little side note... this is the 20th year our church has sent a team down, and 20 years ago 15-year-old me was part of that very first team.

It's the ciiiircle of liiiiife.

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  1. So cool Jod - ( got to read this from a cafe' in Jackson MT while charging my phone ) :D