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Awkward & Awesome


-when your son explains that the tooth he just pulled out is now lost "somewhere under the couch" after he put it back in his mouth so he could fake punch himself in the face and then spit it out "like in the movies" over and over again.

-when your son (yes, the same one) discovers parkour, becomes enamoured, and all of a sudden your couch is empty of all it's cushions and you find them on the front porch where they are now a "landing zone", and your kitchen stepping stool is missing because it's out in the backyard being "jump and rolled" off of. I will not be surprised if this results in a broken limb.
{being the awesome mom that I am, I let Coop talk me into taking him to the park on a 92 degree afternoon so he could parkour to his little heart's content. Or more accurately, for 25 minutes.}

- when this hilarious meme is 100% spot on and the cause of constant frustration within your own kitchen:

- when you get to pick the game for family night (PICTIONARY! WOOT WOOT!) and totally dominate, no matter what kid you're teamed with.

-fancy hair-do's by amazing 13 year olds.

- living on a river when the temp is in the 90's for the third week in a row.

- and little swimmers who graduate out of their lifejacket (under strict supervision) after showing they can swim all the way across with their face in the water! Go Blake!

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