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Awkward and Awesome


- Joining periscope (new live video social media app by twitter) on a whim and trying it out for the first time, and utterly failing (couldn't even figure out how to stop the live video for like, 30 seconds.) Awkward awkward awkward. I may never get back on again, but I have to admit, periscope is a little bit addicting (and ALOT bit overwhelming.)

- Also. Joining twitter again in order to get periscope, even though you are still utterly confused by it 90% of the time. Make that 95% of the time.

- Forgetting to use the bathroom before heading to the track with your family to workout together (someone's starting junior high cross country soon!) and then squeezing your way through 6 laps of power walking because you don't want to make everyone go home again right away. Darn bladder.

- Rocky movie marathons on Netflix. Not for me. For Russ and the boys. This is awesome because Kendall and I are now free to read together uninterrupted all evening for several nights in a row. Win-win!

- Best friends who make sure you aren't missing your fave summer show (So You Think You Can Dance) and who also don't make fun of your dorklife confessions.

- Finding out your biking-across-the-States mother is only THREE DAYS away from finishing her almost 3 month trek - a whopping 18 days earlier than originally planned, because she's too legit to quit! (Literally, she just won't quit riding!) Following her and Sarah's journey's on facebook has been my favorite activity all summer long. I'm so proud of them both, and so excited to drive down to the coast Sunday to meet Mum as she finishes by dipping her wheel in the pacific ocean!
{Starting at the Atlantic Ocean in Yorktown, Virginia, this is every state she's crossed since she began in May,
except Kansas - apparently they had no state welcome sign!}

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