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What I Wore


No. 1
Ross top, Maurice's skirt, Kenneth Cole heels, gifted necklace

No. 2 
Costco sweatshirt, American Eagle jeans, Converse sneakers, clothing exchange scarf

No. 3 
Ross tank top, American Eagle jeans, Fred Meyer sandals

No. 4
(not sure why I'm smiling to the heavens?) 
Maurice's top & necklace, Target cardigan & sandals, old jean cut-offs

No. 5 
Maurice's top, American Eagle jeans, Payless sandals, The Sak purse

So yes, five outfits and another insanely busy week! But tomorrow is the last day of school
aaaaand I'm off to a surprise location for my daughter's 8th grade trip! 
Am I more excited than the actual 8th graders? I THINK YES. 

Have a great week :)

pleated poppy


  1. Great job getting 5 pictures this week. I really like the first outfit. The top with the necklace is a perfect match! #2 and #5 are favorites as well.

  2. Thanks, Nicole! And that first one is my favorite too :)