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Starting Summer Right


I mentioned last week I was leaving Thursday morning on a surprise overnight trip for Kendall's 8th grade class to celebrate their promotion to high school. A trip the kids had fundraised for all year but the parents completely planned and kept secret until the moment we left (for one reason, and one reason alone: to avoid hearing, "that sounds lame!" or "I want to do something different!")

And let me tell you something, we did GOOD.

So where did we take them? After Starbucks, I mean?

Seattle, baby! 

We drove 3.5 hours north into Washington State and ate lunch and shopped at Pike's Place, before taking a ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island, the cutest little tourist town and the location of the amazing Mora ice cream shop where I died and went to heaven. Mmmm.

Then we took the ferry back across the sound and rode the giant ferris wheel at sunset.

Possibly my favorite part of day 1. Look at that gorgeous view!
After the ferris wheel we came across a street artist who was spray painting this picture... all the boys in our group were immediately captivated and one of them bought the finished product. It was so impressive to watch as he did the whole thing with spray cans and a paint scraper! 

We finished the evening at the spacious house of a local friend of mine who generously let us all stay with them and cook the kids dinner and breakfast in the morning there before heading off on day 2's adventure. 

(pic: watching Napoleon Dynamite into the wee hours.)

 And for day 2?...

Wild Waves! 

A very fun water and amusement park just south of Seattle. It was perfect weather, sunny and near 80 degrees, and we let the kids loose after packing in picnic lunches and stayed until closing. It was SO MUCH FUN. Us moms who went (5 of us) had a blast riding all the rides and going down all the water slides and I can't remember when I've laughed so much while simultaneously consuming large amounts of water ;)

We ended the trip with dinner at Red Robin on the way home, pulling back into our school in Oregon at 10:30 pm. 

I would say the trip was a swimming success. Especially as the kids didn't have to pay for a single thing the whole trip - and us mom's had the best group of kids we could ever have asked for. They were so good and easy, and we had no worries the entire time.

What a perfect way to kick off summer! 

(Goofing off with my friend Kristie - we loved you, Seattle!)


  1. How totally fun ! - I would have loved to have been with you at wild waves - the same park we went to when you were about that age and Nanna went down the slide with you ??! Yep, you did good - memories that will live on for years to come.

    1. I'm pretty sure the water park we went to way back then was in Illinois... it was when we came to visit the States and had a big family reunion during the summer. This was my first time to Wild Waves :) And yes, you would have loved it!

  2. Memories, feel-good and pattern setting for your girl.