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On to high school {and off to college}


Our darling firstborn had her 8th grade promotion Friday night, and is officially on to high school!

{deep breaths, deep breaths} 

It was such a proud night for Russ and I. I don't think I stopped beaming all evening long.

From the beautiful song this group of young ladies sang...

To receiving several awards, and looking absolutely lovely to boot, it was a great night for our girl.

Topped off by a fun mini-room makeover reveal when we got home (new rug, bedding, and curtains).

And speaking of graduates, these two graduated high school yesterday! 
Ben and Miranda (cousins) are our oldest niece and nephew and have made us so, so proud to be their Aunt and Uncle. They are both State players of the year (volleyball and basketball), honor students, and scholarship recipients to Multnomah University where they will head in the fall. I see a lot of college sports games in our future and I can't wait! 

All in all, a fantastic weekend :)

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  1. I love the pics - so proud of Kendall - she is soooo beautiful - love the new room make over - how fun, and big Congrats to our fav State stars Ben and Mandy - we are so blessed are we not - family ties.