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What I Wore, and the weekend


Sometimes I manage to pull myself together and come up with 5 outfits in a single week! When it's happened lately I like to call it, "darn, I'm so busy" - meaning, I can't stay home in my yoga pants as often as I'd like.

Not that I didn't stay home for Memorial Day. While others were out boating, barbecuing, camping, or just generally enjoying the holiday, I was holed up in my boys bedroom, where we spent 7 STRAIGHT HOURS completely cleaning it out, getting rid of over half of everything they owned, organizing, and rearranging the entire room.


(Actually, for the hidden organizer in me, it was pretty fun. But for the holiday celebrator in me, it was all, MY LIFE HAS COME TO THIS! SAD DAYYYYS!)

As for the rest of the weekend (and week) here's what I wore and what I did...

No. 1
to church and then a grad party where I participated in my first skeet shoot (shooting clay pigeons with a shotgun) 
(it's how we party out west ;)
Ross top, American Eagle jeans, Ross sandals, Maurice's necklace

No. 2
to the OACA Awards Banquet (Oregon Athletic Coaches Association) at U of O where my husband was honored for being a State Coach of the Year  
thrifted dress, Old Navy cardigan, Famous Footwear wedges

No. 3
to work and a baseball game
clothes swap top, American Eagle jeans, Target sandals, new scarf from Budapest (a sweet gift from a friend who just traveled there)

No. 4 
to work and shopping
Tommy Hilfiger shirt, American Eagle jeans, Converse sneakers, same scarf as above because I am in love with it. 

No. 5
to a mom's group and midweek church service
Ross top, Big Star jeans, Tom's shoes, old etsy necklace

Have a great rest of the week, everyone! 

pleated poppy


  1. cute outfits! i especially love outfit #3 and the white top in #1. I found your blog through the pleated poppy, and your WIWW posts are one of my faves. I think we have similar tastes in clothes :) -Elaine

  2. Looking good Jodbadodi , #3 for the super cute and casual, and #4 is too. ( finally had to go out on the street to load your blog - but yay I'm back in touch with the World.)

  3. I found your blog a few weeks back and have been hooked. I have enjoyed your witty writing style and fun fashion sense.

    1. Well thank you for taking the time to comment and tell me that! I'm tickled pink :)

  4. Funny, I spent all three days of the weekend cleaning out my house (closets and such) too. Not my fave way to spend a holiday weekend!

  5. Cute outfits but I think what I like most is you have a really great smile!:)

  6. Totally (somewhat) random question... are you wearing a bra with straps with the lace/mesh shirts? I have a similiar mesh shirt and haven't decided how to wear it. I don't think I can use a strapless bra lol