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Mother's Day for the win


As far as mother's days go, and mother's day weekends for that matter, mine was pretty splendid.

It started here...
{At Cannon Beach for our church women's retreat}

And ended here...
{At a family BBQ at my parents to celebrate Mum}

Worship and the Word were both incredible this year - so refreshing and renewing, and since both shopping and yummy dessert were also included, and sweet talks and laughter with friends, the whole thing was the cat's pajamas. 

{too many cute choices! Banana Foster caramel bread pudding!} 

But the best part of all was coming home to my family, where my kids and husband had cleaned the whole house until it was spotless, made me the most adorable cards (including a love letter from my husband that made me cry), and were excited to show me everything they'd done, including completely rearranging the boys' bedroom!

I am blessed to have the amazing mothers that I do, and blessed to be a mother.  So, so blessed.

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