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The future Mrs. Wilson!
It finally happened! A week ago Saturday, my brother proposed to his girlfriend of 2.5 years, Christine, and our family did a giant happy dance. GIANT. We love Christine!

The day after he popped the question we got together to celebrate Jamin's birthday at my parent's house. Christine surprised him with a new BBQ grill hidden in my parent's shop, and she surprised us all by showing up with a ring on her finger!

I am so, so happy :) My little brother is only a year and a half younger than me, and as someone who's been married almost 16 years now, I was afraid Jay was past praying for! I mean, we stopped pestering him about it like a decade ago ;)

(Kidding. Kind of.) 

(I mean, who really stops pestering their baby brother about anything?)

It just took the right girl though. We think Christine is the perfect fit for him, and the perfect fit for our family. And as an added bonus, I get a new sister! 

{And I just had to share these because THEY ARE THE CUTEST. Off to a Kentucky Derby party!} 

Congrats, Jay & Christine, I love you both!

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  1. I LOVE IT !!! .. And Congratulations to both our families we are rejoicing.