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Friday thanks


It's Friday and I'm thankful for the weekend! And for...

a hard working husband who always wants my company

this girl, who is truly beautiful on the inside, where it counts.

for lilac bushes in my yard

for lazy afternoons in the sunshine

for rainless baseball evenings watching this guy play

for irises and peonies that finally bloom

for rascally yard diggers (like, right in the middle of the yard!)

and for a car full of hard working and happy cousins

for birthday outings celebrating Jana turning a year older before me ;)

and for fresh summer pedicures!

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Happy Friday!!!!! That all looks like absolute perfection! Looks like there are some fun Summer memories ahead for your family!

    PS I totally have the sandals on the right in the last picture (except mine are white). Good taste (whoever is wearing them). :)

  2. Love the pics- Blake's digging - what can I say, he takes great photo's.