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Beth goes to Europe {a packing post}


This is my friend, Beth. 
Beth recently traveled to Europe with her husband on a 10 day train tour (to Prague, Vienna, & Budapest), and while I secretly cried to the heavens because I didn't get to do a train tour of Europe, I still offered to help her pack because if one can't travel, one can live vicariously by picking out what their friend will wear while traveling. What I mean is that the challenge of packing for 10 days in one single carry-on suitcase (internationally sized at that) is something I embrace. I may have clapped, in fact. 

The small silver carry-on above is what fit the shoes and clothes we carefully picked out, and the blue tote carried Beth's toiletries, kindle, and misc. travel items. 

I helped Beth pick out items that could be mixed and matched easily and transition from day to night, covering everything from cool morning walks to a concert or play to dinner out. Then we worked on whittling the list down, getting rid of pieces that didn't work with at least 3 different outfits.
{Our initial list (background) and our final list after cutting 5 more items.} 

Here's what made the final cut: 
3 pairs of shoes (tennies, birks, & pretty sandals)
3 pants (blue jeans, colored jeans, and black capris)
1 skirt
1 dress
1 jacket
2 cardigans
1 denim shirt
5 tops
3 layering camis (in the zipper pouch with some sleeping pants and underwear)
= 20 items
(plus a scarf & belt)

And now for the fun part! 
With those 20 items here's what I came up with... 16 versatile outfits! 

I sent these pics to Beth's phone before she left so she could easily refer to them and get dressed quickly every day. 

And then I cried some more when I saw pictures like this (secretly of course, yaaaaay Beth!)
{Beth & Andy in Budapest}

{Be still, my palace-loving heart}

I truly had so much fun doing this! Seriously... going on a trip soon? Please let me pack for you! ;)


  1. You are awesome! Seriously, you should hire yourself out to people because it's such a talent you have. I'd pay you, except that I know you'd say "oh no dear sister, I could never charge you, let it be my gift to you" and I'll pretend to argue before accepting your kind offer... but everyone else... oh they should definitely hire you!!! In all seriousness... you have a real gift and I think you're amazing! Now, could you come over and organize my closet and pick out my outfits for the next two weeks??

    1. Hahaha, thank you dear sister! And of course I would never charge you - I'd just get to wear your clothes too ;)

  2. Jodi that was so incredible - and Kelly is right , you could totally hire yourself out- Wow ! - Oh THIS should go viral -

  3. Jodi, I agree with your sister and your mum! Whis is amazing! When I was reading this my first thought was, "Oh my gosh, I need Jodi to come go through my Closet!" I absolutely hate dressing myself. I have a closet full of clothes that don't go together with anything. Seriously though, this is a cool post. Bethy was so lucky to have you do this for her. I love reading your posts, and now I know what your superpower is! you are now my official wardrobe superhero! You are amazing, simply amazing!

    1. "My superpower" hahaha that cracked me up. Thanks Cristy! I'd love to help you sometime!

  4. This is amazing! And is honestly the first time I've seen a "capsule" wardrobe and actually been tempted to do it for myself! Will be you open to travel for your new job and come to TX to pare down my closet? ;)

  5. As usual, your taste is awesome!!! Could you please pick 20 items and make a list for Disney? The happiest place in the world but always the hardest to know what to wear!

    1. Thank you! and so true, Disneyland requires it's own packing list!

  6. This is fabulous!!! Of course, I only know you through blog land, but I would immediately call you before a trip like this:)

    1. Haha, that would be so fun, since I've followed YOUR fashion posts enough to already know your style and what you would like! lol