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Awkward and Awesome


- forgetting it's class picture day at school and realizing both your sons left the house in what you could only term as "end-of-the-school-year rags" with unbrushed hair because everyone accidentally slept in that morning. Winning.

- also forgetting to send them with their picture order forms and money. Brain! Where art thou?!

- filling out your younger son's birthdate on a permission slip and then realizing you put the wrong day. And not one of his siblings birth dates, which would have been understandable because hey, we all get mixed up every now and then, but no, just a random day that no one in your family was born on. God bless white out.

- when your daughter's new (and favorite) sweater coat keeps going "missing" from her room, to be found worn with ninja gear by an offending brother, who swears it's an Assassin's Creed cloak.

- facetiming with your "biking across the US" mother while at your son's baseball game so she can watch him up to bat from Virginia. TECHNOLOGY.

- 12 year old boys with goals:

- High school Fiddler On The Roof productions that are outstanding. 

- husbands who make you delicious omelets for breakfast on their day off.

- And of course, three day weekends! Happy Memorial Day weekend! 

1 comment:

  1. Jod- you're so fun, I love the way you write. Oh, and that 12 year old boy of yours will likely be what he dreams to be - kid has making money written all over him . Lol.