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PROM - and a day in Portland


Saturday night was a new adventure for me... I attended Oregon City High School's prom in downtown Portland to help the photographers (friends of a friend) run their check-in table. 

It kind of happened like this (while in the middle of a conversation with my friend, Amy):

Amy: I'm working next Saturday night.
Me: doing what?
Amy: helping my friends who are the photographers for a prom.
Me: PROM?!! That sounds awesome!
Amy: yeah it's pretty fun to see what everyone's wearing and watch the prom and all that happens.

I didn't even care if I got paid or not, the idea of people watching in that kind of environment and checking out the latest in prom fashion just sounded too fun! And it was!! And what was even more fun... heading into Portland with Amy several hours early to check out a few famous food places and try them out for the first time!

We parked on Kearny in NW Portland and I immediately fell in love with all the houses. 


I'll take this one please. 

Or this one. 

Destination 1: Salt & Straw! Portland's most famous ice-cream parlor. Being a Saturday afternoon, the waiting line came out the door and wrapped around the corner. We waited 50 minutes - totally worth it! (I'm sure during the week it's not nearly so busy though.) I tried salted caramel, coconut with Petunia's salted caramel bars, and strawberry with balsamic vinegar and black pepper. My fave was the coconut.

This is my SUPER FUN friend Amy. We had a blast together and discovered that we are food-lover soul mates. Which means I need to be careful how often we hang out together because we'd both be happy to just skip from one restaurant to another all day long, people watching in between! Fun of course, but very dangerous!

Destination 2: Blue Star donuts! (Some say that they're better than Voodoo Donuts. As a person that hasn't had both, I'm sadly unable to weigh in.) We picked a couple each and saved them to eat at the end of the evening. 

{passionfruit with cocoa nibs & coconut coffee cheesecake. Both delish.}

After that we picked up some Pizzacato pizza and headed to Portland's World Trade Center.

{testing out the photobooth... just to make sure it was as fun as it looked, you know.}

I didn't taken any pictures at the prom because we were hecka-busy. And I loved every single second of it. If only I could have taken pictures of all my favorite outfits and couples! It was a pretty big prom, I think they sold 800 tickets, and probably a third of them paid to come through the picture line. I saw everything from capes and loo masks, to head-to-toe camo, to a Little Mermaid lookalike. FOR REALS. Oh... fun times!

I can't wait to help again next prom season :)


  1. Bah! Foodie adventures in Portland.....LOVE......okay somewhat envious but only in a super happy for you kind of way!

  2. This is so fun... I would love a reason to go back to prom as an adult!