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Monday Confessional


I've fallen (into our new zero gravity lounge chairs) and I can't get up.

No, really. Russ sent me off to buy a pair of lounge chairs Saturday morning so that I could "keep him company" while he worked on trimming trees that afternoon. 

(Russ's idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon: working outside on our property, with his wife relaxing nearby to keep him company.
Jodi's idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon: reading in the sunshine and possibly taking a nap too.

Anyway, I'm sure Russ meant zero gravity loungers when he said "lounge chair thingys", so that's what I was kind enough to purchase. And that's where I stayed the rest of the weekend!

Saturday afternoon's view. Very enjoyable.

Sunday evening's view. Miley approves.

These two approve as well. 

Happy Monday! You'll know where to find me!