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Awkward and Awesome


- when the gas attendant pumping your gas is clearly 10 years younger than you but calls you "Hon" approximately 5 times before you finally pull out.
- when your 7-year-old son is caught red-handed DRAWING on the outside wall of his school with a marker like it's no big deal. Pretty sure we covered vandalism by the age of three!
- and moments like these:
{I have no idea}

- blog buddies who get together and learn new things with you, listen and share, encourage, and are excited about all the things that instantly make your husband glaze over when you try to tell him about them ;)
- when your 12-year-old son makes dinner for the family after you've had a full day and you get a night off from the kitchen! (WHY AM I JUST NOW MAKING THIS HAPPEN?)
- when you walk your little vandal into the principal's office so he can make his confession and ask for forgiveness, offering to clean it off himself, and he does such a good job and almost makes it the whole way through without any tears, so that you are so proud, and then the principal asks if he can hug him, and prays with him that he won't feel any more guilt because he's forgiven, and you are reminded once again how blessed you are to be able to send your children to a Christian school.
- Suuunshiiiine! And a beautiful and warm weekend ahead! I feel ya coming, Summer!
- when the tub is still your favorite playground: