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Awkward and Awesome


- when you visit your Nanna and she notices a small skin tag that has grown next to your eye and, thinking it's dirt or something on your face, tries to pull it off. Like, reaaally hard. And you're all, "Owww, that's attached!" as you yank your face away, and then you stare at each other in disbelief at what just happened. (And then die laughing.)

- when your boys decide to set up a prank for April Fool's and set a tripwire across the front door the night before (horrible, horrible idea), but then forget about it in the morning so one of them actually trips over it, and there are many tears, and then they quickly take it down in case they both get in trouble... hahaha.

- when you make the mistake of watching two tear-jerker movies back to back (The Best of Me and If I Stay), laying in bed next to your sleeping husband, so that by the time the second movie finishes you are in full-on silent ugly cry mode and have no one to share your trauma with... which results in you breaking down in tears while describing the second movie to your sister the next day and her staring at you in concern and telling you to "calm down".

- when you replace a beauty product you've used for 10+ years with a different one and are thrilled at the change...
Mac paint in Bare Canvas is what I've always used as an eyelid primer before shadow. Works great but gets really hard at the end and the foil tubing cracks and is hard to squeeze product out. (Lasts forever though.)

So I decided to order Mac's new prep+prime 24-hour extend eye base after reading a few reviews online and I LOVE IT. I can't believe how nice if feels going on, is completely translucent, and holds shadow in place like it's on lockdown. No budging. 

(A good primer is so worth the $20+ cost. I use mine for years before it runs out and I have to replace it.)

(Okay, unpaid beauty review done.)

- when your husband is given Blazer tickets the evening that your 33-hour-long Scrap Around the Clock event ends, and takes the kids and a nephew, leaving you to decompress in a quiet, empty house for HOURS, which any mother knows is equal to heaven. Amen.


  1. Love the photo at the game. Yay for your new eye stuff - good review. And Nanna--- can just imagine the raucous laughter after that little moment. Darn those skin tags !!