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What I Wore


No. 1
thrifted Merona dress, Costco leggings, Matisse boots, old scarf (aka, I don't remember where this is from)

Yes, I look like a bumblebee. I don't even care, I love me some stripes and some yellow so much! I say go bold or go home ;)

No. 2 
Maurice's shirt, American Eagle jeans, Matisse boots, gifted scarf

No. 3
Costco sweater, Silver jeans, converse sneakers, Ross scarf
(Look, no yellow!)

No. 4 
thrifed top, Big Star jeans, thrifted Toms, scarf exchange scarf

Why all the blue and gold? It's our school (the school my kids attend and my husband coaches at) colors and our basketball teams have been in the district and state playoffs this past week - and now we've made it into the final eight in state so be prepared for more blue and gold next week!
Go Cougars!

pleated poppy

1 comment:

  1. I am loving all of these outfits. I think my favorite is the second one. You did such a great job with the denim on denim trend.