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We Won! (and now we're leaving)


If I was to sum up our weekend with one word, it would be this: BASKETBALL.

Our high school varsity boys and girls teams played in the second round of state Friday and Saturday night, respectively, and both won, sending them into the final 8 state playoffs in Baker City starting this Wednesday.


Our family looooves going to Baker for the state finals. And in a delightful turn of events, the school is even closing for 2 1/2 days to accommodate as many families traveling over to support the teams as possible, which means one thing... no more Nazi school mom (that would be me) making her kids do their school work in the hotel room! YEAH!!

(our niece Miranda, a senior on the team)

(sweet Harrison - a crowd favorite :)

(congrats, Coach! And how timely, the boys coach is in the background! Congrats, Coach Nof!)

(two of Russ's biggest fans, Nanna and Duke)

(our other niece on the team, Debby, a freshman)

(Cooper's ability to work his way into every team picture cracks me up ;)

Now, off to continue my mountainous task of catching up on laundry so we can pack!


  1. Whoo hoo- and a great array of very fine pics too !!

  2. I'm with your mom, great pics!