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Twelve is in the house


Our March birthday season is finally over. First Blake, then my sister, her husband Dave, and lastly, Cooper.

{Twelve! Headed to junior high! HOLD ME!}

Coop's a funny kid. He didn't want a birthday party, didn't want lots of friends, he wanted two ONLY. To come watch March Madness, fill out brackets, go see a movie, and stay the night and play xbox. We threw in a family lunch at his grandparents first, and a surprise shopping trip, and his Papa Wilson threw in a surprise dinner outing just for Coop once his friends were gone, and what we ended up with was two full days of celebration and a declaration that, "I'm the luckiest boy in the whole world".

(Pats self on back. Well done, underachieving Mom.)

 I even pawned off the movie outing and shopping onto Russ and let it be a guy-only thing.

Which explains how Coop came home with the wildest green and yellow basketball get-up you could imagine. WOW.

{Insurgent in 3D}

{My dad sent me this pic from his special outing with Coop the next night. And told me that after they left the restaurant Coop gave his half burger and onion rings that he hadn't been able to finish to a very grateful homeless man sitting outside.}  

Yesterday I took Coop to Target to spend his birthday money from grandparents that was burning a hole in his pocket (after two whole days!) and he knew exactly what he wanted.

I'm glad that twelve still loves lego :)

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  1. Awesome recap. Loved the photos. So glad he had a wonderful birthday.