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These Three


About a month ago, while in the middle of some really beautiful and kind of rare early-spring weather, Russ told our kids to go play outside and enjoy the sunshine. After ten minutes of activity they came back in, "tired of the outdoors already", they said, and Russ swiftly booted them all back outside again. Half an hour later he found the oldest two asleep on the trampoline, where they proceeded to take an hour nap because they "didn't know what to do".

It was at this moment that Russ, frustrated that our children didn't seem to remember how to play outside for longer than half an hour, declared our house to be "electronics free" on weekdays from here on out, with the exception of watching something together as a family in the evening.

I think I panicked more than the kids did. What were they going to do? How much were they going to pester me?

But by the end of the week I knew it was the best thing we could have ever done. The kids adjusted waaaay quicker than I thought they would, and never complained even once over the simultaneous loss of all TV/movie time, xbox/wii time, computer time, or playing on the ipod (Kendall only - since she's the only one with one.)

I was shocked. I'm still shocked!

But I love it! We have been keeping to the rule and the kids fill their time just fine, and today as I walked around the house and noticed what they were all doing I couldn't help but smile and get out my camera, it was just so fitting to their personalities...

Outside watching daddy trim trees and playing with something messy. 
This one actually loves to be outdoors, but doesn't really enjoy being by himself so wants company. Exactly like his father.

On the couch reading a book. 
Always reading, reading, reading. 
This one makes me smile because in that respect at least, he's just like his mama. 

At the piano playing and singing. 
For hours on end. EVERY SINGLE DAY. 
This one can't walk by the piano without stopping and sitting down, it calls to her so. 
Constantly creating, she makes me smile because she sure didn't get it from her parents! 

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  1. Awesome !!!, and well done Russ, electronics are such traps - I should know baa ha ha ha !