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Monday Confessional: party planning


Poor Blake. He always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to birthday celebrations because ever since he was born, either our boys or girls basketball team has made it to the state finals in Baker City the weekend before his birthday and all our planning goes into that trip.

Every year we come back, realize Blake's birthday is in two days and we have nothing scheduled... and scramble.

This year was even worse... we came back Sunday night from Baker, I spent Monday working, taking Cooper to the chiropractor and going to an evening meeting, and when Tuesday rolled around (Blake's birthday), I hadn't even grocery shopped, let alone birthday shopped!

You know what we're good at though? LAST MINUTE.

After school on Tuesday I picked up the kids from school, dropped the older two off at home, and took Blake on a special trip to buy his presents and pick his birthday dinner (aka GROCERY SHOP. Wink Wink.)
Stop 1: Dutch Bros. for a smoothie
Stop 2: Costco for presents and dinner (and mommy's groceries)

Blake is such a clothes horse. Summer pj's, basketball shorts, and a cool jacket were his first picks!

But the snorkel set won the day!

He thought it was all AWESOME.

Then we picked birthday invites and planned a little after-school party for 4 friends to come over on Friday.

Activities included playing "Jurassic World" outside...


Trying out the new skate gear we surprised him with...

And plenty of wrestling. 

Happy birthday Blake! We'll do something equally as fun and spontaneous next year ;)

Last year's equally last-minute and awesome celebration

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  1. Awesome ! - and spontaneity for the win !! ( exactly how I plan things either last minute ...or not at all wink wink )