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Baker, Baby!


Well since we've been back for 3 4 days now, how about a recap of our trip to Baker City last week for the 1A basketball state finals?

I'm sure you've been on pins and needles.

(Except for my personal friends who are on facebook. You've been flooded with updates and pictures. My instagram friends too. So actually, probably NO ONE is on pins and needles. But it must be documented! Posterity!)

Here's how it went down. Russ drove with his team. Blake rode with his grandparents. Kendall rode with her cousin, Maddy, and this left me with Coop and his cousin Drew. 

You may think, "6 hours with two junior high age boys... yikes!" Because that's totally what I was thinking. But in reality, it was 6 hours with zero bickering siblings and it was wonderful! I listened to an audiobook and ate my red vines and salt & vinegar pringles and was juuuuuust fine. 

This doesn't mean I wasn't wiped when I met up with the rest of my family at our hotel. Russ and I were both so exhausted we just flopped on the bed and laid there... WE ARE SO OLD!

 Not the chitlins... this is all they wanted to do. ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

(Since we've been back Blake has asked us to take him swimming approximately 17 times.)

When we weren't down at the hotel pool, and we weren't at the gym cheering our on teams, we actually made it out and about around Baker City, the coolest old town.

 Ice cream at Charley's.

The girls team exploring the town a bit. 

Ice cream parlor selfie.

I even bought myself my first ever pair of aviators. (Because of the polka dots of course.) I took this pic at a stop light to send to my friend Jana, and busted up laughing when I saw Kendall's face!

But on to the basketball games! 
Russ's face after his team won their first game... and this is pretty much how the whole tournament went! Our boys and girls both won their quarterfinal and semifinal game, putting them both into the championship game Saturday night! This was so, so huge, guys. The furthest either team has come before is 5th in state, and we've never both made it over to Baker at the same time, let alone both made it to the final game! You should have seen our school crowd... it was CRAZY AWESOME. 

The girls ended up taking 2nd in state, losing by just 5 points. I couldn't have been prouder. 

And our boys won the title! Cue madness and mayhem! It was incredible!

Best Baker trip ever! 

(Until we had to move the clocks forward for daylight savings and drive home the next morning and get back to real life. Womp womp. I'm a sad and sorry end of vacationer. So let's not discuss Sunday.) 

Wednesday thru Saturday were STELLAR though ;)  


  1. That basically summed up the whole week. Nicely done!

  2. Amen to Tricia - awesome post AND pictures !! Well done.