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Friday Photo Dump


It's Friday, it's Friday! 
The weekend plans: District championships for russ's basketball team - woop, woop!
Spa outing with a friend who is treating me... TRIPLE woop!
Mexico missions trip meeting for Russ and Kendall who are going this summer - I'm so excited for them!

And here's what's been going on lately...
Hey, I think daddy is comfy too. 

We took the family bowling for the first time in eons and yep, I'm just as sucky as ever. Fun times. 

Kendall's face after seeing "Into the Woods", which she was NOT a fan of after everything took a turn for the worse 2/3 of the way into the film. Hehe. 

We finally got our new trampoline up (Christmas present for the kids) - yeah!

And then Windageddon happened... RUDE. 
The trampoline is fine but two of the poles holding up the enclosure bent horribly so we had to take it off. Again, RUDE.

The Valentine's treats I made for my kids' class parties. 
(And for myself, because who doesn't love a sweet chocolate hug mixed with a salty pretzel?!!)

The result of my "quick trip to the store" that I wrote a list for and then forgot to bring with me. 
Came home and checked off what I remembered... WINNING.

Kendall singing on stage with the youth praise team for the first time for a special Youth Sunday service... you bet I marched on up to the front and took pictures!

We have been having some glorious spring-like weather so Russ decided to start tackling our apple trees (we have 14) that have been sadly in need of a good pruning for the past couple of years. Nine down... five to go! 

So this is a funny story. 
Kendall drew this picture and showed it to me this week. I had no idea who it was but was super impressed... and when she said "It's Peeta from the Hunger Games" I was all, 
Obviously it's not exactly right, but hey, she's thirteen!

So I posted it on facebook and instagram and asked for people to guess who it was. 
And the overwhelming response was, "Kendall's Grandma!" 
HAHAHAHA. (Sorry Mum ;)


  1. I rebuke all guesses out of desperation! ( Good post though.)

    1. If it makes you feel any better, I don't see it at all!