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Awkward and Awesome


- my affinity for quoting Far And Away movie lines, to which next to no one understands the reference. (My favorite and most watched movie from 1993 until 2000, when it was temporarily eclipsed by Bring It On... a circumstance that I can not explain except to say that I was a high school cheerleader. I'm sorry.)
"He's keeping himself to himself, that one"
"Ah, very wise, very wise"
"all chests are equal in the eyes of the Lord"
"Tell me ya like my hat!"
"That there was the oldest horse I ever saw in my life"

- the number of pictures of Miley currently on my computer since getting my new camera... mostly because she's my most willing (and present) subject. Seriously though, it's ridiculous.

- when this happens to your new $20 phone charger that you were so excited about because 1. it was 5 ft long and 2. it was pink, after only one week of use: 
LAAAAAME. I'll return it, but still. What a pain. 

- Kendall and Cooper are finally done with their basketball seasons. I loved watching them play, but this is the first time since last summer that I have ZERO kids to run to practices several times a week! This brief period of glory is only going to last a month however... Cooper just signed up for baseball.

Hash tag: glutton for punishment.

- the upcoming state playoff games for our Varsity boys and girls teams this weekend... it's the first year both teams have a really good chance of making it to the finals in Baker City... one of our favorite family trips! (I know this seems conflicting after the previous paragraph. That's because I'm a conflicted person.)

- realizing that it's basically spring here in the Willamette Valley and we somehow managed to skip winter all together. No snow! No ice storms! No huge freezes! Weird!! (I loved it.) I wore sandals today. 


  1. Wow, I know no one who has had more trouble with phone chargers !! rude !!