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What I Wore Wednesday


Last week I was totally looking forward to putting together a "Best of 2014" favorite outfits post for this week... and then my brain fell apart (apparently) and I just remembered late last night, after already putting this post together. So, look for that next week! (Fingers crossed!)

In the mean time, here's what I've worn so far this new year.

No. 1
(technically worn New Year's Eve... 
but we stayed out past midnight so I'm counting it as a 2015 outfit ;)
Banana Republic dress, Mattise boots, thrifted leather belt, Costco leggings

No. 2
(out line dancing!) 
TJ Maxx top, American Eagle jeans, Double H cowboy boots, etsy scarf

No. 3 
TJ Maxx top, American Eagle jeans, Toms shoes, gifted scarf

No. 4 
Target cardigan, Ross top, American Eagle jeans, Ugg boots (which I realize don't necessarily match,
but I had to go to work this day and my office is cold!)

No. 5
Costco cardigan & shearling boots, Nike tee, American Eagle jeans

And one of my daughter who asked me to take a pic of her this day
because she was feeling pretty cute in her new Christmas boots ;) 
This girl has suddenly sprouted 3 inches and is looking OLD! Waaaah!

Have a great rest of your week and thanks for stopping by!

pleated poppy

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  1. Really great, easy and classic looks. Well done, Girl! Hope you'll join the style link up -->