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Welcoming 2015


We have this tradition every New Year's, and it's called, "let's party all night without our kids!"

And by party, I mean play cards and board games for 5 hours straight, eat lots of food, and gab and laugh with our friends.
And by all night, I mean till midnight exactly and then, BEDTIME.
And by no kids, I really mean no kids.
Awesome, right?!

Our hosts David and Carmajo. They are responsible for all the animals on the walls. Don't mind David's hurt finger. He just shot it with a nail gun. No big deal. 

It was our last night with my cousin Michelle and her husband Dan (in the center), visiting from New Zealand, so we made sure to get a cousins shot with my brother and sister and cousin Linley.

Favorite picture of the night. Our single friend Sarah's face! She was such a good sport :) And Jana kissing my mum because T.J. (a firefighter) was at work and my Dad had to be at work at 5am the next morning. And Jamin & Christine missing the memo (or maybe they were just shy? Or really quick kissers? I'm not sure ;)

I took those pictures so then my friend Shay took over and had me get in a couple shots...

Our turn to kiss :)

Cheers to a great start to a brand new year! 

(If my year's goals are anything like my goal to take down our tree this weekend, which is sadly still up as of 11pm Sunday night, I'm in trouble.)

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  1. So glad you had you camera for all these great shots ( plus memories of Dan and Michelle's visit )