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Monday Confessional: I feel old


Yesterday, while over at my in-law's house, Cooper discovered a box of outdated stuff cleaned out from a friend's garage.

He picked this out of the box, tuned it to a radio station, and came over to Russ and I over-the-moon excited... "Mom, Dad, I got it to work!"

I said, "What? a cassette tape?"
Cooper: "No, the radio!"
Me: "Oh was it broken?"
Cooper: "No. But it's actually playing!"
Me: "I don't understand why this is exciting..."
Cooper: "This is VINTAGE! It's in Guardians of the Galaxy!"

And that's when we realized Cooper had never seen a walkman before, except in a movie. 

Listen. If stuff from the 90's is already being considered "vintage" then I'm in a whole heap of trouble. 

(Off to show Cooper what a discman is now...) 


  1. Lolohaha, it happens to the best of us..o that's funny.

  2. Ditto to what Teri said... Ha ha ...Great pic of Coop though. I'm kinda worried what era I belong in now.