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Blake Jr.


Introducing Blake Jr.
Blake's newly adopted precious, precious, baby.

I have never seen Blake so attentive or loving towards a stuffed animal in all of his almost seven years. (I've also never had a child name a toy after himself.)

Blake Jr. must not be squeezed tight. He must have air and not be shut inside anything. He must take naps, have special beds made for him, and be carried and cared for very gently.

(This coming from the child who is into nothing besides sports and playing outside and chasing birds and tromping through mud.)

It's the darnedest thing, and the most darling thing :)


  1. I thing continuing documentation may be in order for this one :D

  2. I was introduced to Blake Jr. last night by a very passionate Blake - who was SOOOO excited when he saw Lincoln's little moccasins because he was SURE that I had bought a new pair of shoes for his precious, precious reindeer, and then we had to watch his face drop when we explained they were actually his cousins shoes! He then proceeded to tell me how Kendall gave Blake jr. to him and it was the most important thing he owned...for reals! "It's just so, so special to me Aunt Kelly." It was very cute, and pretty surprising to me too as I've never seen him take interest in a stuffed animal either. And I now feel like I need to immediately go out and find a pair of shoes for Blake Jr.

    1. Oh my gosh, precious! Too funny about the shoes because apparently he's lost Blake Jr's already! "Where are his shoes?!!" is all I heard today. I'm sure they'll turn up :)