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Awkward and Awesome Thursday - a new year!


Switching things up this week and starting with the awesome...

- Downton Abbey season 5! It finally started! And in one fell one-hour-long swoop I have been completely sucked back into the Crawley's world and never want to leave it. At least, not on Sunday nights.
- My other current TV obsession, Gilmore Girls. It's on Netflix... a full 7 seasons worth, and I can NOT stop watching it every night into the wee hours because the next episode auto starts all on it's own and my already sucky will-power doesn't stand a chance against such tactics. Thus, I've watching a whole season and a half in the past WEEK. (I've never watched the show before and am finding it just delightfully entertaining!)

- My boys all got to go a Blazer game and attend the pre-game warmups beforehand, where they got to meet and greet and get stuff signed by the players!

{Wesley Matthews}
- when your husband actually leaves for the game without the tickets and then scares the bejeebers out of you racing back down the driveway like a bat out of hades to grab them. CLOSE CALL.

- little readers found in the oddest places engrossed in a book.
{on the floor in the corner of our dining room behind the table}
- not-quite-so-little readers who you find out are getting horrible, horrible grades on their chapter tests for their current reading assignment because they are not actually reading the book, just browsing for the answers. And you're all horrified and, "cheater, cheater-face!" at this confession while your husband grins and says, "that's what I used to do too." Lovely.

WELL. Guess who gets to start back at the beginning and read the whole thing out loud to their mother now? That's right, sucka.


  1. I love how you didn't mention Coop's name yet we all know it was him - cheater-cheater face! Also, you tagged him at the bottom of the post! Cute pic of Blake - I love our little obsessed readers in all their "1st grade I can finally read things" glory - it's adorable - until you find your little guy hiding with a flashlight in his bed and reading WAY past his bedtime which explains the meltdowns in the morning of being tired!! And I feel ya on Gilmore Girls - Netflix is responsible for me currently being halfway through season 7 - which means I'm almost done and I feel like it's going to push me back into the waiting arms of Friends which is now conveniently available! I both curse & praise Netflix!

    1. Maybe I tagged him because he's in the Blazer game picture, hmmm? Lol. And I am so with you... cursing and praising Netflix! hahaha. (Although a Friends marathon is nothing to curse at. Glorious, wonderful Netflix ;)

  2. I totally love the sucka at the end! Oh yay, that's how I feel sometimes! Sucka! I just like saying it:)