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Monday photo dump - catching up


I meant to do this Friday, but then the weekend happened, and also, a really good book, so here we are in a new week. 
Which means now the weekend gets to be included in the photo dump! See? It all worked out!


Family movie date last weekend to see Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. 
Such a cute movie! I'm a dork and cried. Twice. Coop, lover of all things Star Wars, Super Heroes, and action/violence,
declared it "the best movie I've seen in my WHOLE life!" So it won us all over!

Blake, under the tutelage of his Grandma Halverson, painted his first canvas!
I'm telling you right now, that thing is going to hang in my house the rest of my life. 

My grocery shopping assistant extraordinaire. 
Dude. I forget how much having a helper... helps. 

Coop shooting a free throw. We are ENTRENCHED in basketball again.
Weekends, week nights, after school, early morning, it's bonkers.

Kendall and I are in the last month of the mother-daughter devotional we started back in January. 
Honestly, we've been pretty hit and miss at remembering every morning,
 but when we do remember, we really enjoy it and it's led to some great discussions. 

The book I read this weekend. I have declared it "possibly my favorite read of 2014".
"Possibly", because I can't remember for sure what all else I read this year. 
But I really, really liked it! 

Our tree hunt was as short and sweet as you could possibly manage this year. 
$5 u-cut only 5 minutes from our house. We picked it out in all of 3 minutes. 
God bless Oregon, land of all the trees. 

Technically these aren't from my phone... but I saved them there from facebook! 
We went to a married's white elephant Christmas party Saturday night and had
ourselves a very fun non-ugly-sweater party! (Had to take a break from the horror after last year ;)

The ipad cake my niece, Debby, made for our cousin Nick's surprise birthday party last night. 
He's the techie of the family. Looks pretty good, right? It's tasted great too! 

And that's what we've been up to! Happy Monday!


  1. Cooper looks so tall. Duo-Devo all year, I'm impressed.

  2. I think I need a new book now! Thanks for the suggestion. ;)

    1. Let me know what you think if you read it!

  3. Debby did an awesome job of decorating the cake . Great snap of Coop- did I miss that game ?. Love the shot of you and Kendall - both so pretty. Spectacular tree hunting escapade , thumbs up.Great post.

    1. The Coop shot was from his first away game, you weren't available. Thanks, Mum!