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Monday Confessional - Christmas wrap


This weekend was "the weekend". The weekend I was finally going to wrap all the presents I have had hiding in various places in my bedroom and walk-in closet since Black Friday. I gave myself plenty of pep talks, bought new paper, and then procrastinated at every opportunity because... wrapping takes A SWEET FOREVER.

By Saturday evening I was at a total of zero presents wrapped so I shut myself up in my room while the boys picked a movie to watch in the living room. Eight minutes and two presents later Russ came in and said they were going to run to the video store and if I came with he'd take me to Big Burger for a shake.


And that's all she wrote for Saturday because then I wanted to see the movie they picked and next thing I knew it was midnight. Darn.

Sunday morning was our church Christmas Extravaganza service (my favorite of the year) and after that an afternoon nap and the Amazing Race finale because, priorities, people. I finally started wrapping again at 5 pm, finished seven presents, and then got a text message from our friend Tracy wondering where we were because we were supposed to be there for dinner 40 minutes ago.


We had a delightful evening by the way. Santa came!
{Blake for real excited, Cooper good naturedly pretending, and Kendall obviously not.}

When we got home again Russ had to go to bed so my wrapping operation was shut down for the night. I'm sure you can guess how heartbroken I was.

The good news is, if I wrap nine more gifts today, I'll be halfway done!


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  1. Not to brag, but mines all done! Neener, neener! (okay a little bit of bragging!)