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J&J's Annual Shopping Trip - 5th edition


Sunday was the fifth annual "Christmas Outfit Shopping Trip" that Jana and I look forward to every year. Because mama's gotta look her best on Christmas.

At first we planned to leave right after church and head straight to lunch before beginning our shopping, but then we decided... let's skip out a wee bit early! We coordinated to indiscreetly slip out of the service at the same time, and it worked fabulously... until we met up in the church foyer and Jana realized she'd left her coat on her chair. Thus, she had to take the walk of shame back into the service.

Her walk of shame was not as bad as my walk of futility though... at our first stop at Costco to pick up my Christmas cards. Jana dropped me off at the entrance and I told her I'd call her to drive back up to the door as soon as I had them. A plan that would have worked better if I didn't then leave my cell phone in her car. 

"How hard can it be to find a car in the Costco parking lot?" I thought as I ventured out to find her. HA. Oh hahahaha. 

Ten minutes later, after wandering aimlessly and feeling like an idiot, I walked back into Costco and borrowed a cell phone. And then realized I don't have Jana's phone number memorized because, hello speed dial. 

Eventually we found each other. 

And drove straight to Sweet Tomatoes. 

So what if both those plates of salad are mine?! IT'S SALAD. Reason #23 to go to Sweet Tomatoes :)

Further stops included the mall, TJ Maxx, Ross, and last but not least, Red Robin for a late shared dinner, because we shopped ourselves to the point of famishment. Shopping is hard, guys! 

I'm kidding. Shopping is fun. Especially on J&J day. 

(Even if we spend an hour in Barnes and Nobles and walk out with zero purchases.)


  1. Love this and love you guys - great pictures of you both too . A fun fun day.

  2. I love your tell-all stories and I hope you are out shopping on J&J day for 50 more years...and are still blogging it! Of course I wont't be around to read it, but hey...

  3. There was one time I lost my car and looked for over an hour! Haha at least you haven't gotten to that point yet. I hope you got some great deals!