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Giving Thanks {x3}


We had ourselves a weekend full of get-togethers with family and friends and I'm still in a little bit of a food coma. 

Thanksgiving #1 was with Russ's family, with a few extras added in for good measure. 

After eating, we (the fun ones ;) played Nerts for a good two hours straight. 

Obviously I was too busy trying to win to take pictures. So that's it for Thanksgiving #1! It was a good one!

Thanksgiving #2 was with my Wilson side, hosted at my cousin Stephanie's house. 

I went from taking two pictures at our first thanksgiving to zero at this one. Thankfully God created a little thing called dropbox and Kelly sent me all of her shots. Thanks, Sis. 

With my Aunt Kathy, one of my biggest life-supporters and always fun to be around. 

And of course Nanna and Papa Duke, the epicenter of all our family gatherings.

Kendall looking especially thirteen. 

Thanksgiving #3 was with our adopted family members, the Coxes, celebrating Diana being in town from Vegas with her boyfriend, John. Diana cooked for everyone and it's safe to say she'll know how to feed her family well if she ever has ten children. 

Diana and John with my nephew, Lincoln.

Tracy, Danielle and Scott

We played Apples to Apples after eating and were all beaten to flinders by Cooper. TWICE. 

This year I am especially thankful for my family, and for friends who are like family. 

(And for sons who break all the rules when cutting into the Thanksgiving leftovers...) 


  1. Can you use your crazy good photoshop skills to add me in again this year? Ha ha

  2. Love the piece of cornbread taken out of the middle. Except that I don't like it! That would drive me crazy. We tease my dad that he does that to pie. When he gets a slice, he always cuts it at such strange angles that we're left with a geometric creation!