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Christmas 2014


(I just love a catchy title.)

It's been a full and hectic week of Christmas celebrations and family outings for the past 6 days straight! I'll give you three guesses as to how I feel about this...

a. stressed and grumpy
b. enjoyed it but glad it's over
c. more! give me MORE CHRISTMAS!

(If you answered C then you are correct. If you didn't answer C then you don't even know me, man.)

Round One: Christmas Eve at my folks 
Highlights: Celebrating with my cousin Michelle and her husband Dan who are visiting from New Zealand. Kelly's hot chocolate bar. Surprise stockings. Playing NERTS.

{ipad wishes come true!}

Round two: Christmas morning at home
Highlights: The slow and relaxed pace. Watching my kids exchange gifts that they had bought for each other themselves. Surprising the kids with a new trampoline when they thought we were all finished with gifts. A new fancy camera from the hubs! 

{new hat, hoodie, sweats, and phone case!}

Round three: Christmas afternoon at Russ's folks
Highlights: Enough food for two days. Teri's gravy. Movies and games until late. When the tree fell on my nephew, Mark, and no one went to help because we were all laughing to much. 

{Grandpa Ray with his grands and great grands)

Round four: Christmas dinner Friday evening at my folks with extended family
Highlights: Dad's prime rib. Discovering coconut lindor truffles. Poo-pourri. Up the River, Down the River (card game) & 5 Second Rule.

Round five: Cannard/Lynch extended family Christmas Saturday afternoon
Highlights: Aunt Niki's chicken salad. My father-in-law taking the place of "Scotty the Elf" for the first time and capturing it on camera ;)

{the grandma club}

My most favorite thing of all throughout all the celebrations was spending time with family (I love our families so very, very much!), the enjoyment of giving gifts to others, singing happy birthday to Jesus, and really making it about Him with our kids.

I hope everyone had a truly Merry Christmas!


  1. Got delayed in commenting, but amen to Tricia's. Really nice pic of Drew ( and you and Jay) amongst the others.