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Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- spraying your hair with dry shampoo... or so you think. The horrible realization that, OH NO, you've just used the spray tan with the unfortunately similar-colored lid. Side note: spray-on tanner works surprisingly well on scalps.
(This special awkward moment brought to you by Jana, who was gracious enough to let me share it even after I laughed at her for a full minute.)

- also, spraying your legs down with bug spray at an outdoor summer party and then realizing you've just coated yourself in fly spray. Which explains the white sticky film.
(This awkward moment from my past brought back up by Jana after I laughed at her for a full minute. So now we're even.)

- when the FedEx truck arrives and you have no time to throw on a bra so you just hope your hoodie has things covered and wish for the best as you open the door and take your package as fast as humanly possible.

- the number of ladies we fit into my sister-in-law's living room Tuesday night for a Christmas party/scarf exchange (51!)

- finding out during the party game that night (everyone had to write a fact about themselves on a piece of paper and it got read out for everyone else to guess who it was) that one of our friends there is pregnant! What a fun way to announce the news!

- Realizing that Christmas is only three weeks away (favorite holiday alert!) and patting yourself on the back for being 3/4 of the way done with your gift buying. Three cheers for shopping mostly online this year! (In a sweatshirt with no bra. HA.)

p.s. my apologies to my Grandma in New Zealand for all the bra talk. ;)

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