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What I Wore Wednesday


These outfits do not properly convey how freezing I have been all week... why is it soooo cold?!

No. 1
Old Navy jacket, Tommy Hilfiger shirt, Forever 21 scarf, American Eagle jeans, DSW boots

No. 2 
Walmart bomber, Ross top, new scarf from Blvd. (botique in Redmond), American Eagle jeans, Converse sneakers

(I can not tell you how much I loved wearing what could only be considered a blanket around my face. It was fantastic!)

No. 3 
Old Calvin Klein down jacket, Shade top, gifted scarf, American Eagle jeans, thrifted Toms

No. 4 
new Costco sweater (it's so warm!), Maurice's top, American Eagle jeans, DSW boots

Crossing my fingers for warmer weather the rest of the week! Happy Wednesday :)

pleated poppy


  1. I think the last one was my favorite this week. I wish we had a Costco :)

  2. I almost bought that sweater from costco. And I'm probably going to go back and get it!