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State Champions! {A Redmond Roadtrip}


This was our view last Friday morning, traveling over the mountains on our way to an 8:00 am volleyball match in Redmond, Oregon.

Russ and I, along with Russ's parents, left at zero dark thirty and watched the sun rise halfway through our three hour drive there. And it was absolutely worth it.

We watched our girls (our school's high school varsity team) win their morning game, and then win again that evening to make it into the championship game Saturday night! A first in school history for any sport!

We stayed at a condo in Eaglecrest and had all day to play around before the Saturday night game. This is Russell and my father-in-law's version of playing around. 

And this is my version! We explored downtown, enjoyed a coffee out on the sidewalk, checked out some local thrift stores, ate at Sonic for the first time, found a tool sale for the boys, and visited the local Goodwill for some blue and gold (our school colors) for my in-laws to wear to the game that night.

Which is where this miraculous find happened! Brand new YELLOW Toms! 


Let's go, Cougars!

Saturday night was everything we'd hoped for and more.
{The pre-game lineup} 


{State Champions!}

Our niece Miranda was named player of the game and was unanimously voted to the first team all state. (Woot Woot!)

I've never cried so much over a sports game in my life. It was ridiculous and awesome and unbelievable. 

Such a fun weekend! We took our time coming home Sunday... doing a little more shopping and enjoying lunch and an ice cream cone in Sisters before trekking back to the wet side of Oregon. I just love Gary and Teri. They are so fun to spend time with and we are hoping we'll be back in Redmond together again next year!

(Although we might not let Gary drive next time. Wink, wink, Gary ;)


  1. I love this Jodi. it just keeps the joy alive:)

  2. This is so fun! Although I am kinda dropping my jaw at the fact that you ate at Sonic for the first time this weekend. Obviously I'm smart enough that I never stopped to think about them being a regional thing... I just assumed everyone enjoyed Happy Hour there! :)