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Monday Confessional: the small confessions


- I love to watch makeup tutorial videos on YouTube, yet I continue to do my makeup the exact same way every single day.

- We gained an extra hour of sleep yesterday, yet I was still 10 minutes late to church.

-  I like to give my husband a hard time for getting so grumpy every time he's hungry, but the truth is I think I get even grumpier when I'm tired. (And I'm not nearly as good at apologizing for it either.)

- I have been watching Survivor since season two in Australia, which aired way back in 2002. That's TWELVE years of show commitment! How does Jeff Probst not age, is what I want to know.

- I love to read and I'm picky about my authors and writing quality, but I have this weird thing where once I've actually started a book, I'm committed and I MUST PERSEVERE and get to the end, no matter how boring it gets in the middle. I just can't leave a book partially read! (Except for that one book that was too trashy... I  got up in the middle of the night to throw that one in the garbage.)

- I drove to Nordstroms last week to return some makeup that I'd ordered online and thought was the wrong shade. I then went to a different store and after a color swatch test, purchased the same makeup in the exact same shade as I'd just returned. Either the first one was just in the wrong packaging, or I am a crazy person.

Happy Monday, guys!


  1. Love it! We like to call it 'hangry' at our house when people are tired/grumpy and hungry lol.

    1. Haha, I almost typed hangry in my post... it's a very accurate term!

  2. I'm the same way about books! (I've just got to know what book you threw away, though!)

  3. You’re not the only one! I have started The Husband’s Secret and it’s soooo at some point I need to continue reading, right? Somehow life just gets in the way :) Happy Monday!


    1. I know it... I've gone long enough periods in between picking a book up that I have to start over again because I can't remember anything that happened! (I haven't read that book either - thanks for the recommendation ;)