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WIWW {and what not to wear}


No. 1
Maurice's shirt and sweater, American Eagle jeans, DSW boots

No. 2 
Old Charlotte Russe shirt dress, Costco sweater & leggings, DSW boots, thrifted belt

No. 3 
Gifted Maurice's sweater, Nike tee, Silver jeans, thrifted Toms

What NOT to wear:
the binder clip you stuck in your hair at work out of desperation because your bangs were driving you bananas, 
and then forgot to remove before stopping at the store to grocery shop for Thanksgiving. 

Have a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving!
(or just a really great day if you don't live in the U.S. :)

pleated poppy

Date Night & Game Day


Hello world. Let's all give a collective hallelujah that Thanksgiving is only two days away, and bring on the food and family and shopping and noooo school! 


So you may have noticed that I've been a bit anti-blogging lately, and I apologize to those two of you that this makes sad. It's just been getting a wee bit "chore-like", and I don't want to burn out because I really DO love blogging, so I've been taking it easy and not making myself do it when I don't feel like it.

(This, by the way, is the opposite of how to have a successful blog, so don't be like me if you are after... well, success. I'm just here for recreational purposes :)


We had a date-y weekend!

As a thank you for some emergency water repair work that Russ did for my Nanna and Duke, they blessed us with movie tickets and money for dinner out, offering to watch our kids as well, so off we went to Mockingjay Part 1 Friday night. I loved it, even though the book was my least favorite of the series, so I have high hopes that Part 2 will be just as good.

We were also recently blessed with a pair of free tickets to an Oregon Ducks football game, so on Saturday, for the 2nd time in our lives, we got to attend a college game, and for the first time, watch the Ducks play Colorado at Autzen Stadium!
AWESOME describes it pretty accurately.

Our first college game experience was four years ago at OSU, and while we suffered pretty much the exact same weather, fortunately our day started off MUCH better than that day.
Meaning Russ drove and listened to sports radio, while I enjoyed a white mocha and then laid my chair all the way back and napped.

(If future day dates include a morning nap I am IN!)

Russ is a HUGE Oregon fan so it's a given that he had a blast, but I had a ton of fun too. I enjoyed the game, the people watching, snuggling under our wool blankets, the marching band intro and halftime show, and the amazing atmosphere of team spirit and camaraderie in the stadium. I can't wait to go again!

A couple things I came away with from the weekend:
1. you haven't really seen a true die-hard college football fan until you are surrounded by them at a live event. HOLY COW.
2. Red Robin is always the way to go for an after-game dinner. All that cheering and wet-weather huddling deserves bottomless steak fries!
3. I have no fear of Russ and I not knowing what to do with each other once our children have grown and left home. We are a well-matched team and sure enjoy being together, and this weekend was a great reminder of that.  

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- the percentage of days I've worn my new hoodie from Costco since buying it 3 weeks ago: approximately 65%. What I'm saying is slightly more than every other day. I think I need more than one hoodie in my life. 
- driving your husband's car to work and forgetting your office key which is on the other car keychain FOR THE FOURTH TIME. Being so embarrassed that you don't call the owner who works around the corner but instead drive all the way back home.
- my children's affinity for losing their toothbrushes. Happens on a monthly basis. Don't ask me how. I just buy them in bulk at Costco now, and good golly if we're not already halfway through the 12-pack I bought two months ago.

- the elk tenderloin I roasted for dinner last night. I even liked it! And Russ... well he basically worshipped at my feet ;)
- free tickets to the Ducks football game this weekend! Date day, baby!
- ANDDD... a date night the evening before to see Mockingjay Part 1, also with free movie tickets. What?! How did our weekend get so awesome?
- when your children start to write all by themselves and can't spell worth a darn. It's the best!
(I like to go to the pumpkin patch! I like to carve a pumpkin. 
I love to watch the leaves turn different colors. ADORABLE!)

Happy Thursday, folks!

What I Wore Wednesday


These outfits do not properly convey how freezing I have been all week... why is it soooo cold?!

No. 1
Old Navy jacket, Tommy Hilfiger shirt, Forever 21 scarf, American Eagle jeans, DSW boots

No. 2 
Walmart bomber, Ross top, new scarf from Blvd. (botique in Redmond), American Eagle jeans, Converse sneakers

(I can not tell you how much I loved wearing what could only be considered a blanket around my face. It was fantastic!)

No. 3 
Old Calvin Klein down jacket, Shade top, gifted scarf, American Eagle jeans, thrifted Toms

No. 4 
new Costco sweater (it's so warm!), Maurice's top, American Eagle jeans, DSW boots

Crossing my fingers for warmer weather the rest of the week! Happy Wednesday :)

pleated poppy

A Concert Date With My Girl


Last night I took Kendall to her first music concert, Portland's Winter Jam at the Moda Center.

Headlined by Hillsong United, Winter Jam also featured Francesca Battistelli, Newsong, Jeremy Camp, Trip Lee, Colton Dixon, Disciple, and more.
It's safe to say it was a PACKED HOUSE. I think over 18,000, all worshipping Jesus with reckless abandon. 

I can't even describe how amazing the atmosphere was. AMAZING.
Kendall was most excited to see Francesca Batistelli, and I was most excited to see Colton Dixon (loved him on American Idol!) but my far and away favorite ended up being Hillsong United. I lost my voice singing my guts out to Oceans, along with every other single person in the arena!

{Colton Dixon}

{We sat with our friends the Gilmers and the Kendalls. Thanks for the awesome seats, Cristy! And thanks for letting us pack into your van to get there, Larry & Danielle!}


{Amazing artist Jared Emerson painted this with his fingers while Newsong sang How Great Thou Art}

(So sad my phone died before I could take pictures of the rest of the performers.)

I've said before that I'm not really a concert goer. I much prefer plays or musicals. But I'll make an exception for Winter Jam... Kendall and I can't wait to go again next year! 

What I Wore Wednesday No. 220


I try to do these posts on Tuesday night, but last night a tree came down across our road during a wind storm, taking out the power lines with it, and we were without electricity for the rest of the evening.

I have never been more thankful for a wood burning stove and a fully charged laptop in my life. Our whole family curled up together under blankets in the dark and watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs while eating chips and salsa and the sugar cookie dough that had been chilling in the fridge. Ahhhhh, just like they did in the olden days.

No. 1
thrifted top, AE jeans, Converse sneakers, gifted scarf

No. 2 
(Wearing school colors to the volleyball state finals - day 1)
Old Navy jacket, Ross top, AE jeans, Converse sneakers

No. 3
(school colors again for day 2 of the state finals) 
Old Navy jacket, clothing exchange top, AE jeans, DSW boots, Plato's Closet necklace, Aldo purse

No. 4 
Maurice's shirt, AE jeans, Toms (found brand new at the Goodwill!), gifted scarf

(That last one's my favorite)

Happy Wednesday!  

pleated poppy

State Champions! {A Redmond Roadtrip}


This was our view last Friday morning, traveling over the mountains on our way to an 8:00 am volleyball match in Redmond, Oregon.

Russ and I, along with Russ's parents, left at zero dark thirty and watched the sun rise halfway through our three hour drive there. And it was absolutely worth it.

We watched our girls (our school's high school varsity team) win their morning game, and then win again that evening to make it into the championship game Saturday night! A first in school history for any sport!

We stayed at a condo in Eaglecrest and had all day to play around before the Saturday night game. This is Russell and my father-in-law's version of playing around. 

And this is my version! We explored downtown, enjoyed a coffee out on the sidewalk, checked out some local thrift stores, ate at Sonic for the first time, found a tool sale for the boys, and visited the local Goodwill for some blue and gold (our school colors) for my in-laws to wear to the game that night.

Which is where this miraculous find happened! Brand new YELLOW Toms! 


Let's go, Cougars!

Saturday night was everything we'd hoped for and more.
{The pre-game lineup} 


{State Champions!}

Our niece Miranda was named player of the game and was unanimously voted to the first team all state. (Woot Woot!)

I've never cried so much over a sports game in my life. It was ridiculous and awesome and unbelievable. 

Such a fun weekend! We took our time coming home Sunday... doing a little more shopping and enjoying lunch and an ice cream cone in Sisters before trekking back to the wet side of Oregon. I just love Gary and Teri. They are so fun to spend time with and we are hoping we'll be back in Redmond together again next year!

(Although we might not let Gary drive next time. Wink, wink, Gary ;)

Tea at the Heathman


I'm going to tell you something you must try. And that is afternoon tea at the Heathman Hotel in Downtown Portland.

(Preferably with girlfriends, celebrating a birthday being optimal.)

I went last week to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday with a group of her girlfriends and it was possibly the loveliest afternoon I've ever had. (And definitely the yummiest.)

The tearoom is just beautiful. Giant old restored paintings, a grand piano and fireplace, and a chandelier recovered from an Austrian mansion after the Nazi invasion that is now valued at about a million dollars.

The afternoon tea is a set menu and you get everything included... your own pot of tea and 12 different food items to try!
I'm going to go out on a limb and say the English would not necessarily consider it a traditional menu, seeing as that when I started to tell my Mum about my outing she rattled off a whole list of foods she thought would be included and not a single one of them were part of the menu. She looked quite disapproving.

But if you aren't English then you will be delighted by the fanciness!
And if you are like me then you will eat every single thing and declare each one better than the last, with the possible exception of the goat cheese crostini. That was some STRONG cheese.

This is my friend Cheri. And this is my fancy curled hair thanks to my circa 1999 hot rollers. (I say fancy because it's the first time I've ever used them semi-successfully. I was shocked.)

And this is my most favorite mother-in-law in the world (on the right), with her best friend, Sharon, who planned the whole afternoon. Nicely done, Sharon.