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The weekend report


Do Fridays count as part of the weekend?

I'm going to count Friday because Russ was home from hunting and didn't have to go work so we took the kids to school then went out to breakfast and coffee together and got caught up on ALL THE THINGS.

Also, we took a selfie. Unashamedly.

That evening we were invited to a no-kids dinner party at some new friends and boy oh boy, was that ever lovely! There were six couples there and topics ranged from most embarrassing moments (my favorite kind of stories), to our secret inner-issues, to personality traits, to why you should not feel guilty about not being able to do it all.

(Not the boys. The boys talked about sports.)

Saturday morning Blake had a soccer game, and as it was cold and misty with showers forecast, I broke in my birthday rainboots.
(I was pretty excited about this. The game? Meh. Now that it's rainy season I'm over soccer. Bring on basketball season which is played INDOORS!)

After the game I decided I better get around to grocery shopping and took Blake with me to town for a Costco and Winco run. In my rainboots with the warm toasty fur lining. This was a mistake. 

When I came out of Costco, it was 72 degrees and I was a hot, sweaty mess, and the Saturday shopping crowds had done me in, not to mention, the angry fella who I witnessed ram a car with his full cart and then kick it for good measure, all because it was in his way.

Saturday shoppers BE CRAZY!
{Also crazy: this giant teddy bear for sale at Costco. Sorry Blake, that's a big fat No Go.}
So I skipped Winco and the rest of my shopping and came home for a nap, as God intended Saturday afternoons be spent. We had a nice family evening, watched a movie with the kids, and then Russ and I caught up on the The Blacklist.

Sunday after church we went to my parents for my dad's awesome smoked pulled pork with the rest of my side of the family, made fools of ourselves cooing and giggling over my nephew Lincoln who is adorable, and then came home to clean house, do Sunday night chores, and watch August Rush, one of my very favorite movies. (Russell was crying by 5 minutes in... always a good sign of a winner.)

And that was our lovely weekend! A perfect blend of friends and family time, getting out of the house and staying home, relaxing and checking off the to-do list, sunny weather and cool cozy weather.

(Fall is finally growing on me.)

Hope your weekend was splendid too.


  1. That is a GIGANTIC teddy would you even fit that in your car??

  2. I'm worried that you didn't finish your shopping! I know, I know, I am weird like that:)