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The Friday Photo Dump


Wrapping up the week by sharing pics from the cell phone... it's life right now!

Kendall's natural curls keep getting curlier and curlier! 

We are almost ready for the ark to come, we have had so much rain this week!
Thankful for drivethru coffee stands (and hot white mochas).

I love me a warm fireplace! Blessed to be in a cozy house and to have children to bring in the firewood ;)

Cutest duo at the pumpkin patch! Blake popped under his friend Emma's umbrella and she was kind enough to let him stay while they walked around. 

Field trip fun! (I'm a fan of the field trip... especially when fresh apple cider donuts are involved.)

Yesterday was my grocery shopping day, which somehow led me to the mall, and more specifically, to the Nordstrom Cafe. Enjoyed me a little treat, I did!

We were ding-dong ditched last night, and came out to find a carved pumpkin and treat bags for the kids left on our porch! Thank you Young Adults group from our church! Kendall and Blake had already carved their own (Batman & the smallest smiley face) so Cooper adopted the new addition.

Late night Walmart adventures with my Mum, which we hadn't done since the summer... good times! 

Cooper came out of the bathroom with wet slicked back hair and a fragrant aroma.
Me: what's on your hair?
Coop: I used that new Mediterranean Lavender hair spray! It smells good!
Me: That's because it's room spray.

Hahahaha. Oh, Cooper. 

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha...Cooper's comment reminds me of the time you asked your Mum for bug spray ;)