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Jodi's "Moments of the week"


Let's take a look at last week, shall we?
Sweetest moment: 
Capturing Kendall and Cooper squeezed into a chair together while Cooper read out-loud to his sister before she had to leave for a volleyball game. 


Most productive moment: 
This year I made more grape juice from the grapes on our property then I ever have before, and made grape jelly for the first time! And I loved, loved, loved doing it.

Funniest moment: 
Blake coming out of his sister's room looking like this after a "makeover session" with his cousin Debby who was over visiting. HA!

Most awkward moment:
Umm, that would be when the utility workers installing our fiber optic cable had to go in my bedroom closet to check out the attic access in case they needed to use it, and low and behold, there was my bra laying all spread-eagle across the floor. No, NOT the pretty one.

Proudest moment: 
Running another uber-successful Scrap Around the Clock at our church this past weekend, and actually getting quite a bit of scrapbooking done myself! We had 61 attendees, 7 vendors, top-notch catering, our favorite massage therapist and coffee cart ladies on-site, and our very own bell-hop crew! You guys, our event is AWESOME. 

Pinkest moment:
Our scrap crew... I love our team! (clockwise from top left: Karyn, Linley, Gaylen, Jana, Kelly, and myself.)

Most exciting moment: 
Getting a new Project Life scrapbooking core kit and album for 50% off at Michael's - for a grand total of $25.00! As it was a super lucky find and a spontaneous purchase, I didn't' actually have $25.00 budgeted to spend, but that's what the Christmas savings account is for! I came home with them and announced that Russell now had the perfect Christmas gift for me and I was going to be ever so grateful and excited to receive it ;) His response? A high-five and a, "You better wrap it up nice then!" 



  1. I've been reading your blog for awhile now. I have never commented, but after seeing the photo of your new project life purchase I found myself smiling and knew I had to post a comment... My name is Jodi and I bought the same album and core kit this weekend from Michaels too! :-)

    1. Whaaaaat?!! That's crazy awesome! Haha :)

  2. I want to come to SATC just to hang out. I don't think I can ever be a scrapper, but I can be a chatter! :)

    1. Last year Therese came with a lounger lawn chair and a blanket and sat and watched all the movies and ate and visited - and it was totally awesome!!! So, YES. Do it.

  3. Lovingly and loyally supporting your blog from the very first day... And I love doing it. ( coz I get way more news this way too ;)